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Handmade Greeting Cards

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Here you can purchase quality handmade cards at a good value for money prices.

With over 16 years of card making experience, all designs are unique and can be personalized for the recipient of the card, to match hobbies & favorite colours.

Almost any photo or graphic image that can be reproduced 4+ times can be made into a card,
 9/10 times I can produce a card that is so unique it will not be replicated again.

Dont by shy - try today.

Prices start from £1.00.

Please call today or email for a no obligation quote.

This site is constantly under construction so please be patient and visit again soon.

The above card was made for a family member getting married.
Decoupage with trimmings, ribbons, cameo stone, beads, gems,
silk flowers, feathers and stickers
Its value had it been sold would be over £15.00 due to the cameo used on the image - this is the high end of the card scale.
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